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MyRacePass – Lincoln, Nebraska (January 19th, 2017) – MyRacePass is proud to announce the future of the Speednet Direct website, As of spring 2017, the Speednet domain will redirect to MyRacePass, Once this occurs, the Speednet direct website will no longer be available, although the data itself will remain accessible from the new MyRacePass (MRP) website. This new site will preserve virtually all of the past Speednet data including results, stats, points, and schedules in addition to the MyRacePass data that has been accumulating since 2008.

The homepage of the new website will feature upcoming events along with tickets to those events, the latest results, track and driver apparel, news articles, photos, and videos from the grassroots of the motorsports community. The new site design makes it easier than ever to find the motorsports content that you’re looking for.

Our goal with this change is to provide a superior platform for race tracks, associations, and drivers across the country to promote themselves and get in front of the millions of fans accessing the MyRacePass network throughout the year. The MyRacePass team consists of 17 dedicated individuals working to make life easier for promoters and drivers and ultimately put more fans in the stands each week. The functionality of the new MyRacePass website will be very similar to that of the new MyRacePass App available from Google Play and the Apple App Store in early spring 2017. (Watch for the latest developments and press releases regarding the MyRacePass App in the weeks ahead).

Each driver will have their own MyRacePass profile that will show race stats, finishes, news articles, photos, and videos. There will also be a place for MyRacePass member drivers to showcase their marketing partners, crew members, race stats, social media and more.

Each track and association will also have their own MyRacePass profile. Promoters will be able to use their profile across multiple platforms, to promote events, showcase results and publish news articles, photos, videos, track information, and more. Track profiles automatically publish point standings, results and upcoming events powered by the MyRacePass Race Management system.

More than 200 organizations have adopted the MyRacePass race management system since 2012 with many more having made the switch from Speednet to MyRacePass in 2015 and 2016. The WISSOTA Auto Racing Dirt Track Series, a long-time user of Speednet, will soon be making the switch to the MyRacePass program in preparation for the 2017 season.

If you are a track or associations currently using the Speednet website to display results, (By clicking the “results” link on your website that goes to the Speednet website.) please contact MyRacePass at, or visit

Right now there are profiles available for tracks, drivers, and associations on the MyRacePass website. If you haven’t already claimed your MyRacePass Profile, be sure to do it now by visiting

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