Duray Wins 2nd Annual King Pin Clash

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Duray Takes King Pin Clash, Strand, Bjerken, & Guyot Also Take Victories

By Mike Spieker

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ADA, MN (July 11)- After taking a week off for Independence Day, Norman County Raceway’s Thursday Night Thunder was back in action with the 2nd annual King Pin Street Stock Clash, presented by The Bowler of Fargo and RDO. A solid field of 63 cars were signed in the pits for night six of the WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Series at NCR.

The WISSOTA Mod Four feature saw Jim Erdmann of Horace, ND and Bryce Bjerken of Felton, MN on the front row of the 15 lap event. Bjerken grabbed the whole shot in turn one and pulled away, but with 10 to go Erdmann found some grip on the low side and was closing in. He peaked to the inside of Bjerken in turn two with nine to go, but Bjerken held the momentum on the high side and held off Erdmann’s charge. The race was far from over after that as the 2012 NCR Mod Four track champion, Rob VanMil, moved past Erdmann

Bryce Bjerken, 1st-time Mod Four winner at NCR

Bryce Bjerken, 1st-time Mod Four winner at NCR

for second with five to go and set his sights on Bjerken, who was looking for his first ever victory at the 3/8th mile track. VanMil pulled right up to the rear bumper of Bjerken’s JDP Electric #7, but was never able to get any closer to the lead than that. Bjerken was able to hold off VanMil and take the checkers for the first time in his four year career at NCR and fourth Mod Four victory overall.

“I started seeing (VanMil) out of the corner of my eye, but I just tried to put that out of my head and run my race,” said Bjerken following his win.

He says that knowing VanMil, a past WISSOTA Mod Four national champion, was right behind him didn’t add too much pressure towards the end of the race, “I’ve been racing pretty good now lately, so he didn’t really bother me that much.”

A stout class of 14 Street Stocks made the haul to NCR for the 20 lap, $600-to-win King Pin Clash. Ryan Pommerer of Oriska, ND jumped to out the lead as the field entered turn one. From there Pommerer increased his lead to a seven car length advantage and it looked as though he might run away with it. But when the field passed by the flag stand and the lap counter read seven to go, Jordan Duray and Nic Klein were right on the heels of Pommerer. On the very next lap, Duray dove to the low side of Pommerer, but couldn’t complete the pass for the point as Pommerer had his machine wound up in the middle/high groove. The two drivers battled side by

Jerome Guyot in KRJB/KRJM VIctory Lane

Jerome Guyot in KRJB/KRJM VIctory Lane


side like this for the remainder of the race. They were dead even in the back stretch on the final lap, they both drove deep into the final set of corners, and when they drag raced to the finish line Duray edged out Pommerer by a half car length for the win.

Cody Skytland had a great run going in the WISSOTA Modified feature, but just fell short to Jerome Guyot of Fannystelle, MB. Guyot led all 20 circuits in his winning effort; which was his first visit to NCR this season. Michael Johnson came home third followed by Austin Arneson, and Bryce Borgen.

Stacy Pederson-Roy dominated the NCR Trophy Class by winning the eight lap heat race by a half lap and the feature race by a half lap over Katie Ahrndt.

The 17 car WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature was really a three horse race for the win between Brock Gronwold, Casey Arneson, and

Jason Strand, Midwest Modified winner

Jason Strand, Midwest Modified winner

Jason Strand. Gronwold had led nearly the whole race, but was never able to shake Arneson from his rear bumper. With three laps to go Arneson was finally able to sneak around the outside and grab the lead, but just as he did that the yellow flag was displayed which meant Arneson had to give the position back to Gronwold. Gronwold led the field to the green on the ensuing restart, but found himself in second as they exited turn two. That’s because Jason Strand rocketed by both Arneson and Gronwold, took the lead and immediately checked out giving him his first win at NCR and second of the season.

“I knew the two leaders were going to be fighting for the bottom and I just told myself, ‘No matter where they went, I’m not going to follow them’ and they both stayed low and I held it wide open and it rode right around the top,” said Strand after the race.


WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Feature- Jordan Duray, Ryan Pommerer, Nic Klein, Rick Schulz, Mike Anderson, Aaron Blacklance, Jesse Pederson, Kyle Dykoff, Durand Peterson, Ryan Johnson, Shawn Teunis, Adam Burrows, Jim Geringer, James Tandeski

Heat 1- Pommerer, Klein, Schulz, Pederson, Dykoff, Johnson, A. Blacklance

Heat 2- Duray, Anderson, Burrows, Tandeski, Peterson, Geringer, Teunis

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature- Jerome Guyot, Cody Skytland, Austin Arneson, Michael Johnson, Bryce Borgen, Justin Jones, Alex Engelstad, Dale Kraling, Corky Thomas, Jake Bitker, Dev Malmov, Mitch Johnson, Paul Engelstad, Jamie Trautner, Tim Thomas, Blake Jegtvig

Heat 1- Malmlov, Borgen, T. Thomas, A. Engelstad, Bitker, M. Johnson

Heat 2- Skytland, Jones, Gayot, Kraling, P. Engelstad

Heat 3- Jegtvig, J. Trautner, Johnson, Arneson, C. Thomas

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature- Jason Strand, Brock Gronwold, Casey Arneson, Tyler Peterson, Rob Vanmil, Gannon Miller, Jamie Winterquist, Christopher Christian, Tyler Hall, Tailin Tommerdahl, Andy Wagner, Aaron Vigness, Rich Pavlicek, Michael Griffin, Allison Christian, Ben Purrington, Noah Metzger

Heat 1- Pavlicek, Griffin, Tommerdahl, Winterquist, C. Christian, Purrington

Heat 2- Peterson, Arneson, Gronwold, Wagner, Hall, Metzger

Heat 3- Strand, Miller, VanMil, A. Christian, Vigness

WISSOTA Mod Fours:

Feature- Bryce Bjerken, Rob Vanmil, Aaron Wetterlin, Jim Erdmann, Luke Johnson, Corry VanMil, Derek Vesledahl, Payton Gordon, Tom Cummings

Heat 1- Johnson, R. VanMil, C. VanMil, Bjerken, Erdmann, Wetterlin, Vesledahl, Gordon, Cummings

NCR Trophy Class:

Feature- Stacy Pederson-Roy, Katie Ahrndt, Steven Richards, Matt Peterson, Scott Hall, Todd Gettel, Brad Arends, Paul Colvin

Heat 1- Pederson-Roy, Colvin, Arends, Gettel, Scott

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