Arneson Steals Modified Win in Photo Finish

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Photo: Austin Arneson cruised to his third Modified win of the season Thursday (Courtesy: Speedway Shots)

By Mike Spieker

ADA, Minn. (August 10, 2017) – Racing continued Thursday night at Norman County Raceway (NCR) as Christian Brothers Ford presented the night’s action.

Austin Arneson made his return to NCR Thursday night after taking nearly the last two months off.

The Fargo driver hasn’t missed a beat.

Arneson stole the Sanders Metal Products IMCA Modified feature win on the final lap from Jason Strand of Portland, N.D.

Strand jumped out to the early lead from the second starting position and pulled away from the field. Meanwhile, Arneson, who started 12th in his brother Cale’s No. 99 machine, methodically moved through the field before cracking the top three with five to go.

As the white flag was displayed from the Frandsen Bank & Trust Flagstand, Arneson had moved into second and looked to take the point away from Strand. Arneson completed a slide job on Strand to momentarily take the lead, but Strand countered with a crossover move coming to the checkers.

At the line, Arneson edged out Strand by a mere 0.010 seconds, to deny Strand his first win of 2017 and record his third NCR win of the season. Lucas Rodin, Bryce Borgen, and Tyler Peterson rounded out the top five.

Dylan Goplen picked up a clean sweep in the Christian Motors WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. After claiming the heat race win, Goplen charged to the front during the main event before battling for the lead with Jeff Nelson.

At the halfway point, both Nelson and Goplen made heavy contact with each other, which ultimately resulted in Noah Metzger sliding off the top of turn one. Goplen assumed the lead on the restart and went on to claim the feature win.

Ryan Schow, Nelson, Aaron Blacklance, and Grady Shearer rounded out the top five.

Just as it has so many other times in 2017, the Christian Brothers Ford IMCA Hobby Stock feature came down to Tim Church and Brandon Schmidt. Church, who started fourth, was just a tad better on Thursday night as he was able to hold off Schmidt to visit KRJB/KRJM Victory Lane.

Ada’s Andy Wagner held off a hard charging Jesse Skalicky in the closing laps of the Titan Machinery IMCA SportMod feature. Wagner took the lead from Kelly Jacobson on lap five before opening up a comfortable lead.

In the final stages, however, Skalicky moved up to challenge Wagner for the lead. Skalicky was able to close within a car length of Wagner, but Wagner was able to hold on for his second NCR win of the season.

For the 10th time this season, the Norman County Implement IMCA Stock Car feature went to Mekinock, North Dakota’s Aaron Olson. Olson grabbed the lead on the opening lap from the fourth position before checking out and taking the win.

Racing continues next Thursday night at NCR, featuring night number one of the second annual IMCA Sanders Modified Challenge Tour. Green flag drops at 7pm.

IMCA Modifieds:
A Feature 1: 1. 99-Austin Arneson, [12]; 2. E85-Jason Strand, [2]; 3. 19-Lucas Rodin, [4]; 4. 7B-Bryce Borgen, [3]; 5. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson, [7]; 6. 96A-Alex Engelstad, [14]; 7. 4V-Billy Vogel, [11]; 8. 7-Dale Kraling, [9]; 9. 60-Tyler Hall, [8]; 10. 10-Cale Arneson, [6]; 11. 25-Jamie Trautner, [15]; 12. 86C-Darren Pfau, [17]; 13. 43-Lance Schilling, [13]; 14. (DNF) 84-Michael Johnson, [5]; 15. (DNF) 88B-Brady Petermann, [1]; 16. (DNF) 72-Dave Shipley, [10]; 17. (DNF) K9-Tom Cummings, [16]

Heat 1: 1. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson, [4]; 2. 99-Austin Arneson, [6]; 3. 19-Lucas Rodin, [3]; 4. 88B-Brady Petermann, [2]; 5. 43-Lance Schilling, [5]; 6. K9-Tom Cummings, [1]

Heat 2: 1. E85-Jason Strand, [2]; 2. 72-Dave Shipley, [5]; 3. 84-Michael Johnson, [3]; 4. 60-Tyler Hall, [4]; 5. 96A-Alex Engelstad, [6]; 6. 86C-Darren Pfau, [1]

Heat 3: 1. 7-Dale Kraling, [4]; 2. 7B-Bryce Borgen, [2]; 3. 4V-Billy Vogel, [5]; 4. 10-Cale Arneson, [3]; 5. 25-Jamie Trautner, [1]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
A Feature 1: 1. 6D-Dylan Goplen, [5]; 2. 28S-Ryan Schow, [3]; 3. 33-Jeff Nelson, [2]; 4. 5-Aaron Blacklance, [7]; 5. 97-Grady Shearer, [4]; 6. 2G-Brock Gronwold, [8]; 7. 7T-Joseph Thomas, [9]; 8. (DNF) 87S-Reise Stenberg, [6]; 9. (DNF) 19D-Noah Metzger, [1]; 10. (DNF) 19-Lucas Rodin, [10]

Heat 1: 1. 6D-Dylan Goplen, [2]; 2. 33-Jeff Nelson, [1]; 3. 19D-Noah Metzger, [4]; 4. 28S-Ryan Schow, [5]; 5. 7T-Joseph Thomas, [3]

Heat 2: 1. 97-Grady Shearer, [2]; 2. 5-Aaron Blacklance, [4]; 3. 2G-Brock Gronwold, [5]; 4. 87S-Reise Stenberg, [3]; 5. (DNF) 19-Lucas Rodin, [1]

IMCA Sport Mods
A Feature 1: 1. 3X-Andy Wagner, [6]; 2. 3S-Jesse Skalicky, [5]; 3. 51-Kelly Jacobson, [4]; 4. 76-Reile Sailer, [3]; 5. 22-Vince Jegtvig, [1]; 6. 47-Kreig Kasin, [7]; 7. (DNF) 12T-Brandon Tendeland, [8]; (DNS) 1RM-Taylor Grove,

Heat 1: 1. 3S-Jesse Skalicky, [6]; 2. 22-Vince Jegtvig, [2]; 3. 76-Reile Sailer, [4]; 4. 51-Kelly Jacobson, [5]; 5. 1RM-Taylor Grove, [3]; 6. 3X-Andy Wagner, [7]; 7. 47-Kreig Kasin, [1]; 8. 12T-Brandon Tendeland, [8]

IMCA Stock Cars
A Feature 1: 1. 14-Aaron Olson, [4]; 2. 40-Rob VanMil, [5]; 3. 4-Rick Schulz, [3]; 4. 1-Kelly Jacobson, [2]; 5. 76Z-John Sandvig, [1]

Heat 1: 1. 14-Aaron Olson, [4]; 2. 1-Kelly Jacobson, [2]; 3. 40-Rob VanMil, [5]; 4. 4-Rick Schulz, [3]; 5. 76Z-John Sandvig, [1]

IMCA Hobby Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 21-Tim Church, [4]; 2. 219-Brandon Schmidt, [5]; 3. 37N-Nick Nelson, [3]; 4. 14-Alyssa White, [2]; 5. (DNF) 069-Kalvin Kesselberg, [1]; (DNS) 106-Eric Novacek,

Heat 1: 1. 219-Brandon Schmidt, [6]; 2. 21-Tim Church, [5]; 3. 37N-Nick Nelson, [4]; 4. 069-Kalvin Kesselberg, [2]; 5. 14-Alyssa White, [3]; 6. (DNF) 106-Eric Novacek, [1]


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